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Monecito casino and hotel Prime exudes a contemporary sophistication that manages to be both welcoming and refined. Daniel "Danny" McCoy Josh Duhamel is initially Ed Deline's apprentice, surrogate son, and good friend, who is later promoted to head of security. FiAMMA features a sophisticated take on traditional Italian cuisine in an intimate setting filled with comfy leather seating and a roaring fireplace. He tells the Haitian to "just take the one. Niki goes to visit a certain political candidate at the Montecito. Enjoy the timeless beauty of Bellagio in these spacious two bedroom suites. Along with a dedicated sitting area, full kitchenette, and a

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Notable Locations. A closet; The elevator; The game floor; Hope's dressing room; The kitchen; The lobby; Nathan's hotel room; The parking. It's set in the fictional Montecino hotel & casino. The location of the fictional Montecito has changed from season to season. Some of the first. Do they use an existing casino or is it animated? On the tv show,I mean.